If one goes straight ahead, they can’t get very far.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The Little Prince

The central character of our story is a man. It’s a happy man. It’s an internal employee, an external employee, a candidate, an employed applicant, a client's contact person, a supplier's contact person, cooperating partners.

Everyone has a chance to get more than what he was used to, or what he had expected. We take an interest in people and the added value which we can provide. And all of that regardless of whether you need to improve performance, or make your employees or even yourself more satisfied.

McROY is more than a recruitment agency.

Besides standard solutions, under the umbrella of McROY we offer the innovative products EverestumExperts PuzzlePulse Survey as well as carrying out the community projects: Your Dream JobFlow - McROY Lounge, portal and we participate in the Happy Company Conference.

In this way, we are together forming one of the most successful recruitment-consulting companies in the world, which thanks to its visionary and innovative attitude intends to dictate trends in the fields of its activities.

Thanks to the effort to reach professionalism and intelligible communication in every field we are engaged in, we are offering a part of our personnel solutions (mainly employment agency) under the brand McROY Jobliner.

Besides the volume of unique projects and solutions, we are planning further projects for you, completing the McROY concept:

McROY eUniversity

It will be a global online university which will provide modern, distance learning ensured by top experts from all around the world.

The McROY Foundation

We will in the long term support students from socially weak families while studying at the McROY eUniversity, alternatively also at other universities. 

Might interest you...

Company profile

McROY is more than a recruitment agency, and our intention is to help you to get more. 

Ethical code

The main goal of McROY’s activity is achieving our clients' goals and intentions, with the use of our solutions focused on human resources.

Company culture

Everything we do, we do it for the professional success and happiness of the people who approached us with their trust. We are more than a recruitment agency; we differ by what we do and how we do it. We are a Human Touch Agency.

Our solutions

Our solutions help clients to get the right employees, set existing employees in the right direction, and provide for the efficient company operation in the future.

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