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Permanent Placement

Are you considering changing your career and you do not know how to go about it? Our experienced consultants will help you in choosing the right job offer.


Training & Mentoring

Are you interested in continuous improvement? Are you willing to further work on yourself? Are you looking for the most effective and most intense form of training? Please contact us, we will advise you.


Executive Search

Are you a top manager or specialist in your field and you want to know more about your options on the labor market? Please contact us and thanks to us you can get just the job which you currently desire


Leading & Coaching

Do you want to become a respected leader? Are you itching to lead people rather than direct them? Are you waiting for a new job and a great challenge? We can help you capitalize on your hidden potential and advise you how to become more effective in your work and in the leadership of others.


Interim Management

Are you an experienced manager and do you want to effectively utilize your knowledge? Are you interested in getting acquainted with a new business environment but don’t want to be committed for a long time in doing so? This is all possible, try Interim Management.


Expert Puzzle

Are you a specialist in your field and are you interested in work on diverse and interesting projects?Become part of a team of experts within the unique solution Experts Puzzle.


McROY Everestum

Have you achieved the maximum in your field? Are you stuck and just running in place? Have you ceased searching for external success  and do you prefer to achieve harmony in your life or to leave something meaningful behind? We are offering private, individualized and unique care, which will enable you to keep on growing and making progress.


Temporary Placement

Can’t find permanent and stable employment? Do you feel that you have already tried all the options for employment and still haven’t found anything? Try us out!


Outplacement & Career Transition

Is your employer planning to reduce internal staff and are you facing dismissal? Have you not been able to find employment on the job market for a long time? Do you want to return to work or are you thinking about a fundamental change in your career to date? We know exactly what you need to do.


Assessment & Development centre

Applying for a specific job? Do you want to prepare as well as possible and determine whether you have what it takes for a new challenge? Do you want to uncover your true potential and hidden reserves? We professionally assess what qualities you currently possess and prepare you for possible situations.


PartTime Placement

Don’t know what to do with your free time and you want to earn some extra income? Do you want to gain experience during your study as well as augmenting your finances? Still haven’t found permanent employment? We also have a solution for you.

Online project

Your Dream Job

Do you think that people should look for and experience their dream job? If you do, you can become part of a successful project Your Dream Job - as a mentor, partner or interim.


Happy Company

Are you searching for the meaning of your work? Do you want your company to become a great place where you will be happy and satisfied? The Happy Company Conference annually brings inspiring ideas, personalities and practical techniques.

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