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Assessment & Development centre

Do you need to find out the true potential of your job applicants? Looking for some hidden reserve in your co-workers? Are there new challenges ahead of you? We will teach you how to find the best qualities in your people.


Training & Mentoring

Do you need to improve productivity in your company? Would you prefer educating your employees to remunerating them? But are you worried about losing time? We know how to help you.


Leading & Coaching

Looking for new approaches to managing people? You see the potential in them, but don’t know how to make the most of it for your organization? You do not have time to look for it? Tell us your ideas, and we will show you how to achieve them.


Outplacement & Career Transition

Are you anticipating layoffs? Do you want to prepare your employees for the labour market? We can help you with that.


McROY Everestum

Have you achieved the maximum in your field? Are you stuck and just running in place? Have you ceased searching for external success  and do you prefer to achieve harmony in your life or to leave something meaningful behind? We are offering private, individualized and unique care, which will enable you to keep on growing and making progress.

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