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Permanent Placement

Do you need new employees as soon as possible, but you don’t have enough time to spend hours searching and selecting? Tell us who you need and we’ll take care of it for you.


Executive Search

Do you need top managers? Are you looking for specialists? Don't have time or you aren’t succeeding in it? We will find them for you. We meet these kind of people.


Temporary Placement

How to get more flexible employees? How to solve a temporary excessive workload? A simple and flexible solution is already prepared for you.


PartTime Placement

Do you need short-term assistance in your company? Are you missing someone for simpler tasks which are of some importance, but there is no one in the company who has time to do them? Our part-timers are your best solution.


Interim Management

Do you want to improve the productivity of your company? Do you need to find the right form of restructuring, but you don’t know how to go about it? For the time needed, we will hire an experienced manager for you, and in this way we will help you obtain new knowledge from the field of your business.


Expert Puzzle

Do you want to start up a new project, but you lack the specialists to launch it?  We will help you. Choose from our experts and put together a made-to-order team of experts.


Leading & Coaching

Looking for new approaches to managing people? You see the potential in them, but don’t know how to make the most of it for your organization? You do not have time to look for it? Tell us your ideas, and we will show you how to achieve them.


Training & Mentoring

Do you need to improve productivity in your company? Would you prefer educating your employees to remunerating them? But are you worried about losing time? We know how to help you.


Assessment & Development centre

Do you need to find out the true potential of your job applicants? Looking for some hidden reserve in your co-workers? Are there new challenges ahead of you? We will teach you how to find the best qualities in your people.


Outplacement & Career Transition

Are you anticipating layoffs? Do you want to prepare your employees for the labour market? We can help you with that.


McROY Everestum

Have you achieved the maximum in your field? Are you stuck and just running in place? Have you ceased searching for external success  and do you prefer to achieve harmony in your life or to leave something meaningful behind? We are offering private, individualized and unique care, which will enable you to keep on growing and making progress.


HR Audit

You don’t have time to take care of human resources because you are addressing other priorities? You don’t know how to go about it? We will help you prevent this area from becoming the weakest link in your company.


HR Strategy

Are you entering a heavily competitive environment where you want to assert yourself? Is your company growing faster than you had expected? We will optimally project a HR strategy for your company.


HR Outsourcing

Costs are not the only reason why HR outsourcing is convenient. We know other reasons. Consult with us and take advantage of our capacity. 

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McROY Job Analyses

What is the current situation on the labour market? What are the numbers and trends like?  We bring you our global analytical view of the situation.


HR Surveys

Do you need to know how efficient the investment in the people in your company is? Are your employees engaged and efficient? The McROY Pulse Survey will bring you a holistic connection between your people and their results.


Happy Company

Are you searching for the meaning of your work? Do you want your company to become a great place where you will be happy and satisfied? The Happy Company Conference annually brings inspiring ideas, personalities and practical techniques.

Online project

Your Dream Job

Do you think that people should look for and experience their dream job? If you do, you can become part of a successful project Your Dream Job - as a mentor, partner or interim.

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