Ethical code

The main goal of McROY’s activity is achieving our clients' goals and intentions, with the use of our solutions focused on human resources. We are more than a recruitment agency, and our success is based on people who are connected by: great performances, work enthusiasm as well as ethical behaviour. The Ethical code integrates the rules, values and expectations which are essential for all employees and partners for their everyday activities.

Our top principles are:

  • We respect the uniqueness of every client, and we look for an optimum way to accomplish their needs.
  • We are offer solutions that are socially responsible and absolutely in accordance with the valid legal regulations.
  • We are trying to achieve the highest level in providing solutions with the maximum added value and of a high quality, considered to be the most important attribute in everything that we do.
  • We support candour at negotiations with business partners and employees.
  • We support innovation and exceptionality in relation to company, as well as to client needs.
  • Each employee is also a company representative, protecting the good reputation of the company.
  • Protection of trade secrets and confidentiality are some of the most important attributes of all employees.
  • We support fair competition in accordance with good morals, in order to protect the reputation of the entire sector.
  • We use expert forums to push standards of professional behaviour through.
  • We help people unselfishly, comprehensively and competently, because we care about people, perceiving them as long-term partners, with whom we can be mutually helpful to each other in various situations.
  • We are harmonizing the consultancy field by preferring non-traditional forms, methods and means.
  • At employee trainings we put an emphasis on a pro-client orientation, professionalism and communication skills.
  • We promote the deepening of knowledge of human resources management, as a principle of lifelong learning.
  • We support the promotion of ethical principles in the management of the whole group.
  • Regardless of personal interests, we support ethical and legitimate decisions of the clients we work for.
  • We treat people with dignity, respect and understanding, with a goal to create a trustworthy working environment with no discrimination.
  • In case of conflict of interests, we are looking for solutions which do not violate the integrity of the Ethical code.
  • We take appropriate measures in order to provide for the fairness and completeness of all the communicated information.
  • We protect the integrity of the society by providing comprehensive and true information to the State authorities as well as to media representatives.
  • We consider the Ethical code to be a significant quality regulator in a company, and non-respect and violation of the Ethical code is considered to be a serious breach of the McROY rules.

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Company profile

McROY is more than a recruitment agency, and our intention is to help you to get more. 


The central character of our story is a man. It’s a happy man. It’s an internal employee, an external employee, a candidate, an employed applicant, a client's contact person, a supplier's contact person, cooperating partners.

Company culture

Everything we do, we do it for the professional success and happiness of the people who approached us with their trust. We are more than a recruitment agency; we differ by what we do and how we do it. We are a Human Touch Agency.

Our solutions

Our solutions help clients to get the right employees, set existing employees in the right direction, and provide for the efficient company operation in the future.

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