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What makes the desert beautiful, is the well that it somewhere hides.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The Little Prince

McROY is more than a recruitment agency, and our intention is to help you to get more. We are offering made-to-order solutions to our clients in the area of personnel consultancy and everything related to work. We focus on human resources, because it is the most valuable part of each company, and it enables a company to be successful.

McRoy has launched a global, ambitious but feasible project based on the building up of a so-called lovebrand in the field of personnel consultancy. The fact that our clients know the McROY brand is not enough for us. We are doing our best for our clients, so that they would recommend, defend and love our brand.

We want to be present in a person's life virtually every day, and not only from time to time when they need to find a new job.  We are not interested solely in companies. We also focus on a target group of individual clients, who usually don't pay for the services provided by recruitment agencies.

We are a new generation of a modern company with an ambition of becoming a global leader in business innovation, which we understand. We offer high-quality, comprehensiveness, innovation, availability, exceptionality, reliability, candour and flexibility to our clients.

Our main ambition is to restore the humanity in working with people, provide them with royal care, to make them feel like the children of a king in the kingdom of working people, in McROY.

After all, it's written directly in our name. McROY - son of a king. 

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The central character of our story is a man. It’s a happy man. It’s an internal employee, an external employee, a candidate, an employed applicant, a client's contact person, a supplier's contact person, cooperating partners.

Ethical code

The main goal of McROY’s activity is achieving our clients' goals and intentions, with the use of our solutions focused on human resources.

Company culture

Everything we do, we do it for the professional success and happiness of the people who approached us with their trust. We are more than a recruitment agency; we differ by what we do and how we do it. We are a Human Touch Agency.

Our solutions

Our solutions help clients to get the right employees, set existing employees in the right direction, and provide for the efficient company operation in the future.

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