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And now here is my secret. A very simple secret. It is only with the heart that one can see correctly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The Little Prince

Everything we do, we do it for the professional success and happiness of the people who approached us with their trust. We are more than a recruitment agency; we differ by what we do and how we do it. We are a Humane Agency.

That's also a reason why we support the Happy Company project, helping to create a company culture that would be more humane, or why we are opening a network of cafés, called McROY & Co Lounge (preklik), based on the concept of excellent coffee, healthy food, low-pressure place for work, relaxation, and mainly creating an informal platform for the HR community in each country.  

Everything we do, we do it in accordance with our unique Ethical code, which guarantees decency, candour and a handshake to everyone who comes into contact with our company.  We are also trying to spread these values into the external environment, and to contribute to the high-quality improvement of the entire market with personnel solutions in this way.

The attitudes of our company and employees may be summarized in the following points:

1. We realize that clients always come first.
2. We realize that every person is, or might be our client.
3. We want to be the best in everything that we do.
4. We are trying to bring innovations into everything that we do.
5. We are trying to achieve incessant personal development and education.
6. We are creating sincere and friendly relationships at work.
7. We respect the work of our colleagues.
8. We are proud of the company we work for.

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Company profile

McROY is more than a recruitment agency, and our intention is to help you to get more. 


The central character of our story is a man. It’s a happy man. It’s an internal employee, an external employee, a candidate, an employed applicant, a client's contact person, a supplier's contact person, cooperating partners.

Ethical code

The main goal of McROY’s activity is achieving our clients' goals and intentions, with the use of our solutions focused on human resources.

Our solutions

Our solutions help clients to get the right employees, set existing employees in the right direction, and provide for the efficient company operation in the future.

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