How to find out when it's time to change job?

How to find out when it's time to change job?

Of course, there are external signs, that in the company is not something  right, but this time let us see the things from employee's perspective . When is the right time to look  for new opportunities?

For each one  it is individual, but these 4 reasons seem to be a relevant indicators:

1. Your work and private life are no longer in balance. If you miss out on important family moments and slowly come of social life, the decision to leave might not be the most difficult. Be careful to not fall into a puddle of mud. Consider whether changing jobs actually resolve your problem. Important example is, if you are unsatisfied only briefly, or if this situation lasts longer. If you are working into the night on a new project , it does not mean that the next one will be challenging as well. It is necessary to ponder , in this case, may indeed reciprocate outlast difficult period .

2. Colleagues who came later into the company, were promoted earlier. It is important to answer the question about what position goes and who is objectively the most suitable candidate for the post. Whether you choose to go or stay, it's a learning opportunity. Pull over for HR managers to find out what exactly was on the job requirements. If you want this job, you will know where to improve and what to do for it. If you still think this place should be your, probably you will not stay in this company too long.

3. Your clients and colleagues will become your enemies. If you are suffering joint meetings, avoid contact with colleagues or clients, and all day you wait until you " fall ", it's time to leave. To do this, you´ll do the service not only to itself, but also to the employer.

4. You're in a constant stress. Everyone handles stress on his own, someone helps to perform better, someone destroys the entire working day. If you have from stress physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach, or depressions, probably it is time to look around a different type of work. Again, it should be considered whether it is a short-term issue or is it long term. Anyway, everyone have just one health and it should be protected.

If you decide to find a new job , try some of these tips:

Try to assess your strengths and weaknesses , interests and abilities.
Also ask your family and friends to tell you their opinion of your pluses and minuses.
On this basis, try to identify what work would you like to do and critically assess whether you have required abilities. If not , tell yourself what you need to do to get it and if it is possible.

Changing job can be inconvenient thing, but is it really essential that you at all costs remain in one place ? The answer you probably already know.


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