Forget flexibility

Each biography is equal to other flexibility. Each interview is equal to other flexibility. Probably there is no man who would not use this multifunctional word . Your potential employer wants to finally hear something else .


Start with LinkedIn

If you are interested in a job, LinkedIn would be recommend to you by any recruitment agency. LinkedIn is a social network for corporations , businessmen , and not least for you. It's online tour of professinal resumes with added value. To your ability may  express anyone who has tried it. However, Be consistent to fill out your profile completely.

Its quality you'll find on a scale from 0 to 100 percent . The more percent means the greater chance that a potential employer will see your profile . If you dare , fill it in English . Will have so much more impact . For sure do not forget the photo . The profile will look then more personal and trustworthy .


Ok , I'm there . And now ?

Now let´s go to contacts. Find your acquaintances, friends, family and colleagues. If you have a profile and contacts , basically it is all. Add your comments, photos and anything that describes you to your profile. Of course, all from the professional point of view.

Then you can ask for references from your friends or colleagues . If you have more references in turn, there is a greater chance of your application. Perhaps you can encourage that LinkedIn is similar to Facebook. You can create groups here, which are designed for people with a certain area of ​​interest.


Is it worth to me?

Yes. Companies have become very active also on the social network. If you know to communicate in a foreign languages, it is beneficial for you . Area of ​​interest then rises to the international level.

Do not give up after a short time. LinkedIn needs a longer time of miracles do not happen overnight . And if, by chance, offer is still not coming, there is still a recruitment agency for you.

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